Illegal Dumping in Calloway County


Illegal dumping is the intentional dumping of solid waste on public or private property without the knowledge or consent of the property owner. It includes littering along road rights-of-way.

Causing or allowing unauthorized dumping is illegal and may result in substantial penalties. Illegally dumping large amounts of debris or hazardous waste materials is a Class A Misdemeanor ~ Fine up to $500 or up to one year in jail or both.

Illegal dumping is a crime punished by a $500 fine and/or 1 year in jail.

· YOU CANNOT LITTER. Throwing trash on public roadways and waterways is illegal. KRS 512.070

· YOU CANNOT DUMP HOUSEHOLD WASTE ON THE GROUND. NOT even on your own property. KRS 224.100

· YOU CANNOT ALLOW TRASH TO ACCIDENTALLY FALL FROM YOUR VEHICLE. It is illegal for to operate a vehicle without securing the load with a suitable device to prevent spillage of contents from your vehicle. KRS 189.150

Did you know to haul trash in Calloway County as a waste hauler, you need to be registered as a licensed franchised hauler with the county, and you also must be registered with the state of Kentucky?

If you hire someone to dispose of waste for you, ask to see their Waste Hauler License. Perpetrators will often take your money and illegally dump your items to avoid the disposal fee.

Common items illegally dumped include:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Household trash
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Remodeling debris
  • Land-clearing debris
  • Tree debris
  • Medical waste
  • Tires

 Why is illegal dumping a problem?

  • When not addressed, illegal dump sites attract additional dumping.
  • It is not only ugly, but harms our water sources.
  • It poses a health risk to public health, aquatic habitat and wildlife.
  • It may include hazardous wastes such as asbestos, household chemicals or paint.
  • The health and safety of children who play around the dump site may be endangered.
  • It may create traffic hazards when dumped within the right-of-way.
  • Debris can block storm drains, causing flood areas.
  • It can decrease property values.
  • It contributes to the pollution problems in our county.

Help keep Calloway County a safe and beautiful place – Report illegal dumping!

Please report illegal dumping and dump sites to Calloway County Solid Waste Coordinator or County Official. They can enforce any local laws and ordinances that prohibit illegal dumping. They also can work with state and local officials to enforce state laws that prohibit dumping. 

You are encouraged to provide as much information as possible, including:

The date and time of the incident

The vehicle license plate number

A detailed description of the vehicle involved

A detailed description of the person dumping

The location (city, address, cross street, driving directions, etc.)


You may remain anonymous. We only ask for your identity so we can contact you in case we need more information to investigate your complaint and to provide you with information on the results of our investigation. Despite the best intentions, anonymous complaints often do not provide enough information to pursue the complaint properly. If you wish to remain anonymous and do not provide enough information, we will be unable to investigate your complaint thoroughly.